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Be Stylish


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First Impression are formed very quickly based on our appearance, behaviour & communication in the following way:-
55% – how you look
38% – how you sound (tone, accent & vocabulary)
7% – what you say
We  meet people all the time in our daily lives. Reading these statistics makes you realise how important our image is in all areas of our lives – personal, social & professional.
Two important questions to ask yourself  are:-

  • What impression do you want to make?
  • How do you want others to perceive you?

Your clothes talk for and about you. You can create a positive image  and first impression in any situation by considering these key components.

1. Personal Grooming:- Pay attention to all areas of personal grooming. This may seem like I am stating the obvious but how many times do you see someone who looks well dressed but is let down by unkept hair, unironed clothes, scuffed shoes, a stain or even overpowering perfume. These may seem like small issues but they have a big impact.

2. Fit:- Wear clothes that fit and flatter  by following the shape of your body rather than your body defining the shape of the clothes. Wearing clothes that are too small, too tight or too big does not make for a good look at any time. Take the time to look in the mirror at your front and back. Read more here

3. Appropriateness:- Sometimes in today’s world it can be difficult to determine what the most appropriate dress code is for an occasion, especially in the work environment.  Just remember there are many  levels of casual dress that depend on the situation, place & occasion. You might like to read more on  how to dress up or down.

4. Style:- Dressing for who you are is one of the most important elements to finding your personality style. Sometimes it might be necessary to adjust your dominant style traits for a particular situation especially in the work situation. I will use myself as an example. My personality style could be described as creative, colourful and different. If I was attending a business meeting with a group of lawyers I would need to consider how I expressed myself in the clothes I wore so that the lawyers would see me as a credible and professional person. I would not wear a tailored suit because I would be extremely uncomfortable but I could adjust what I wore to ensure it was suitable to project the right image for  the occasion. Read more on Personality Style here and here.

Make your first impression count – Wear your smile and style with confidence.


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