“Women should have their own personal boutique in their wardrobe that
suits their personality, colouring, body, lifestyle and budget.”
Kim Williams – Individually YOU

I’m Kim from Individually You based in Canberra, Australia. I’m a Certified Personal Stylist & Image Consultant and it’s my mission to help you make choices that will show you at your best for yourself. I am passionate about making sure you get out the front door each day feeling and looking great without the frustration of having nothing to wear and wardrobe meltdowns.

After living with body image issues for most of my life I started Individually You when I realised that making myself feel good on the outside helped reflect who I was on the inside. My fascination with clothes led me to the realisation that learning how to enhance my body with the lines of clothing, fabric, colour, patterns and prints allowed me to stop blaming my body for clothing not fitting. I began finding ways to enhance my best features and draw the right attention to my body. Transforming my outside appearance had a powerful impact on my self-esteem, confidence, happiness and success.

I have been an educator for most of my professional career and I use these skills to give you knowledge, inspiration and confidence to create your style look. I work with you to find a way to work with any self-perceived flaws or issues and become more accepting of who you are.

Let’s work together to look at who you are and how you want to be perceived, your body shape, proportions and variations and colouring to discover how you can find your unique style to emphasise your beautiful stand out features.


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